Corporate Trainings

We provide comprehensive Training Services that includes Training Need Assessment, Onsite Training, Offsite Classroom Training, Residential Training for long term training programmes, Skill Assessment Programmes, Concurrent Evaluation, Feedback, etc. Our Corporate Training Mode includes:  

  1. Identify the training needs of the client.
  2. Assessing the required time period for the training program.
  3. Developing the relevant delivery solutions for the training plan
  4. Prepare training session plan and training calendar in consultation with client.
  5. Develop or Customize training modules as per requirement.
  6. Onsite/offsite training sessions.
  7. Concurrent Evaluations of training programmes and learning.
  8. Constant Feedback mechanism.
  9. Identification of leaders among the trainees and train the leaders in order to take the lead once the training program is over
  10. Training output/result consolidation by assessment of skill enhancement after training
  11. Measure gaps during pre-assessment and evaluate training effectiveness post delivery
  12. Measure ROI of training investments and help in establishing the most effective training plan for the future

We also conduct post training sessions given once in a month without any charge. This is the USP of Image Institute that we don’t leave our clients once the training program is over. We train by various fun activities, extempore, interaction, group discussion and presentations.

Good soft skills also include the ability of people to balance the commercial needs of their company with the individual needs of their staff. Being flexible and able to adapt to the changing needs of an organization also qualify as soft skills, as do being able to collaborate with others and influence situations through lateral and more creative thinking. The ability to deal with differences, multiculturalism and diversity is needed more than ever. Very few companies are untouched by the ever-widening influence of other cultures and good soft skills facilitate better communication and people's ability to manage differences effectively. Image Institute for Training and Development strive to meet all the training requirements and wishes to bring a change in the way people perceive trainings across the country.

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